Leonie Hanne: Multicolor Tube Dress And Pink Heel Mules

Leonie Hanne Style
By @leoniehanne, June 26, 2023

Olivia Wilde: Red Sports Bra And Leggings

Olivia Wilde Style
Celebrity: Olivia Wilde
Identity: Actress
Brands: Ray-Ban Alo Yoga Loewe Adidas
Items: Sunglasses Sports Bra Leggings Shoulder Bag Sneakers

Zendaya: Grey Trench Coat And Black Tote Bag

Zendaya Style
By @zendaya, August 4, 2022
Celebrity: Zendaya
Identity: Actress
Brands: Loewe Valentino
Items: Coat Tote Bag

Anthony Davis: Wool Puzzle Sweater And Blue Sneakers

Anthony Davis Outfits
Celebrity: Anthony Davis
Identity: Basketball Player
Brands: Loewe Tom Ford Nike
Items: Sweater Trousers Sneakers

Cardi B: Lips T-Shirt And Red Jeans

Cardi B Outfits
Celebrity: Cardi B
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Loewe Vivienne Westwood Ottolinger Hermes
Items: Sunglasses T-Shirt Jeans Bag

Cardi B: Green Mask Sunglasses And Black Heel Sandals

Cardi B Outfits
By @iamcardib, March 31, 2023

J Balvin: Khaki Trench Coat And Black Rubber Boots

J Balvin Outfits
By @jbalvin, June 26, 2022
Celebrity: J Balvin
Identity: Singer
Brands: Loewe
Items: Sunglasses Coat T-Shirt Trousers Boots

Nicky Jam: Black Hooded Jacket And White Sneakers

Nicky Jam Outfits
By @nickyjam, November 18, 2022
Celebrity: Nicky Jam
Identity: Singer
Brands: Cartier Loewe Nike × Off-White
Items: Sunglasses Jacket Sneakers

Offset: Green Black Hat And Green Shirt Jacket

Offset Outfits
By @offsetyrn, March 21, 2023
Celebrity: Offset
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Mea Culpa Balenciaga Jacquemus Loewe Ambush
Items: Hat Sunglasses Jacket Jeans Boots

Kylie Jenner: Faux-Fur Bomber Jacket And Black Leather Pants

Kylie Jenner Outfits
By @therealspw, December 16, 2022
Celebrity: Kylie Jenner
Identity: Socialite
Brands: Bottega Veneta The Attico Loewe
Items: Sunglasses Jacket Pants Boots