Playboi Carti: Grey Hooded Down Jacket with Pink Hoodie and Blue Jeans

Playboi Carti Outfits
Celebrity: Playboi Carti
Identity: Rapper

Kay Flock: Navy Down Jacket with Black Leather Belt

Kay Flock Outfits
By @officialkayflocka, January 17, 2023
Celebrity: Kay Flock
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Moncler Amiri
Items: Jacket Belt

6ix9ine: Blue Track Jacket And Pants

6ix9ine Outfits
Celebrity: 6ix9ine
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Louis Vuitton Moncler Prada
Items: Sunglasses Jacket Pants Boots

Yungeen Ace: Blue Jacket And Blue Sneakers

Yungeen Ace Outfits
By @yungeenace, October 24, 2022
Celebrity: Yungeen Ace
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Moncler Casablanca Jordan
Items: Cap Jacket Sneakers

Lil Poppa: Red Down Jacket And Red Sneakers

Lil Poppa Outfits
Celebrity: Lil Poppa
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Moncler Chrome Hearts Amiri × Zig-Zag World Jordan
Items: Down Jacket Jeans Jeans Sneakers

Fat Joe: Blue Filled Jacket And Blue Sneakers

Fat Joe Outfits
By @fatjoe, February 1, 2023
Celebrity: Fat Joe
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Louis Vuitton Moncler Amiri Jordan
Items: Beanie Down Jacket Jeans Sneakers

Saucy Santana: Blue Down Jacket And Light Brown Overalls

By @the1saucysantana, January 16, 2023
Celebrity: Saucy Santana
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Prada Moncler Gallery Dept. Nike
Items: Sunglasses Down Jacket Jersey Overalls Sneakers

Lil Keed: Black Down Jacket And Black Puddle Boots

Lil Keed Outfits
By @1lilkeed, January 7, 2022
Celebrity: Lil Keed
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Moncler Bottega Veneta
Items: Beanie Down Jacket Trackpants Boots

Murda Beatz: Red Down Jacket With White Ski Boots

Murda Beatz Outfits
By @murdabeatz, January 1, 2023
Celebrity: Murda Beatz
Identity: Record Producer
Brands: Prada Moncler
Items: Sunglasses Down Jacket Boots

Rylo Rodriguez: Dark Green Track Jacket And Pants

Rylo Rodriguez Outfits
Celebrity: Rylo Rodriguez
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Moncler Bottega Veneta Balenciaga
Items: Beanie Jacket Shoulder Bag Pants Sneakers