J Balvin: Prada Runway Sunglasses with Givenchy Poplin U-Lock Harness White Shirt

J Balvin Outfits
Celebrity: J Balvin
Identity: Singer
Brands: Prada Givenchy

Murda Beatz: Moncler Verdon Red Down Jacket with Prada Sunglasses and Prada Ski Boots

Murda Beatz Outfits
By @murdabeatz, January 1, 2023
Celebrity: Murda Beatz
Identity: Record Producer
Brands: Prada Moncler
Items: Sunglasses Down Jacket Boots

Rylo Rodriguez: Market Red T-Shirt with Gallery Dept. Logo Beanie and LA Construction Flare Pants

Rylo Rodriguez Outfits
Celebrity: Rylo Rodriguez
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Gallery Dept. Market Prada
Items: Beanie T-Shirt Sneakers

El Alfa El Jefe: Supreme × The North Face Red Jacket and Prada Knitted Top and Celine Beanie Hat

El Alfa El Jefe Outfits
By @elalfaeljefe, January 12, 2023
Celebrity: El Alfa El Jefe
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Celine Supreme × The North Face Prada
Items: Beanie Jacket Top

Tyga: Prada Bull Denim Shirt and Bermudas Shorts

Tyga Outfits
Celebrity: Tyga
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Prada Vault by Vans × Shane Gonzales
Items: Shirt Shorts Sneakers

Tyga: Bottega Veneta Technical Nylon Hooded Jacket and Nylon Cargo Navy Trousers

Tyga Outfits
By @tyga, April 18, 2023
Celebrity: Tyga
Identity: Rapper
Brands: New Era Prada Bottega Veneta Nike × A-Cold-Wall*
Items: Cap Sunglasses Jacket Trousers Sneakers

Tyga: Prada Symbole Sunglasses with Vetements Blue Denim Camouflage Jacket and Jeans

Tyga Outfits
By @tyga, April 8, 2023
Celebrity: Tyga
Identity: Rapper

21 Savage: Louis Vuitton Comics Trucker Jacket and Prada Re-Nylon Logo Black Pants

21 Savage Outfits
Celebrity: 21 Savage
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Louis Vuitton Prada Nike × Off-White

21 Savage: Raf Simons Denim Yellow Shirt wtih Celine Purse and Prada Sneakers

21 Savage Outfits
By @21savage, February 1, 2023
Celebrity: 21 Savage
Identity: Rapper
Brands: Prada Raf Simons Celine
Items: Sunglasses Shirt Purse Sneakers

Mikey: Amiri Purple Blue Jeans with LV Belt and Prada Cloudbust Thunder Sneakers

Mikey Outfits
By @mikey, May 18, 2023
Celebrity: Mikey
Identity: Basketball Player
Brands: Louis Vuitton Amiri Prada
Items: Belt Jeans Sneakers