7 Chanel Bag Alternatives for a High Fashion Look

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Chanel Bag Alternatives

For good reason, Chanel is one of the most famous luxury fashion brands. Its designs are high-quality, carefully crafted, and timelessly classic, as seen on red carpets for over 100 years. Chanel’s bags are also iconic, as well as their perfumes, shoes, and clothing, toted by huge celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Ariana Grande, and Keira Knightley.

However, luxury fashion comes at a price that is simply too much for most people to justify. So, we’ll explore some of the best affordable Chanel bag alternatives below to help you get red-carpet ready without the splurge.

Chiara Ferragni totes the Chanel Quilted Double Flap Bag

Chanel Bag Alternatives

Chanel – $3,516 – Red Quilted Leather Medium Classic Double Flap Bag

Chanel Look Alikes


Quilted Crossbody Bags

To save yourself thousands of dollars, choose the Gladdon Quilted Crossbody Bag. It is made of soft PU leather with a trendy chain crossbody strap to carry your essentials in style.

Anna Dello Russo looks stylish in Chanel 22 Bag

Chanel Bag Alternatives

Chanel – $6,300 – 22 Large Bag

Chanel Look Alikes


Quilted Tote Bag

Dboar’s $29.99 Quilted Tote Bag for Women is similarly spacious, with a quilted leather design and gold-accented strap. It has an internal pocket and a zipper pouch for the chicest organization.

Jennie Kim goes casual chic with Chanel Mini Boy Flap Bag

Chanel Bag Alternatives

Chanel – Mini Boy Flap Bag

Chanel Look Alikes


Quilted Satchels Bag

Try the Crossbody Purse for Women by Travistar for a very close lookalike. It also features a diamond-shaped stitched exterior and chain-link shoulder strap, proving that sophistication can be practical and affordable.

Ratto carried Chanel Deauville Shopping Bag on vacation

Chanel Bag Alternatives

Chanel – $5,995 – Deauville Chain Shopping Bag

Chanel Look Alikes


Handwoven Straw Handbag

Hidora’s Handwoven Straw Handbag is an excellent dupe for a much more affordable $26.99. It is made of high-quality straw, with durable leather straps for carrying both by hand and on your shoulder.

Ariana Grande’s Chanel Mini Flap Belt Bag takes centre stage

Chanel Bag Alternatives

Chanel – $4,532 – Mini Classic Flap Belt Bag

Chanel Look Alikes


Leather Chain Belt Bag

For $19.99, you can achieve a similar look with the BEMYLV Leather Chain Belt Bag. The gold chain belt catches the eye, with the small purse hanging at your hip, with space for all your small essential items.

Chanel 19 Tweed Maxi Flap Bag

Chanel Bag Alternatives

Chanel – $21,000 – 19 Tweed Maxi Flap Bag

Chanel Look Alikes


Houndstooth Shoulder Bag

With a similar beige and black tweed exterior and gold shoulder strap, the Houndstooth Shoulder Bag by Qiayime is a great Chanel dupe. It has plenty of interior compartments, making it practical and chic. It is priced at $52.99.

Chanel Classic Leather Continental Wallet

Chanel Bag Alternatives

Chanel – $1,056 – Classic Leather Continental Wallet

Chanel Look Alikes


Leather Zip Around Travel Wallet

To save more of that cash, try the Mossruta Luxury Travel Wallet for a more affordable alternative. It has zippered compartments and slots for your cards, with a classy gold zip for some understated decoration.

Everybody adores Chanel’s chic bags, but nobody can justify splurging thousands of dollars to own one. All the dupes discussed above are excellent lookalikes for some of the brand’s most iconic designs, and they come at much more affordable prices, proving that a high fashion look doesn’t always have to break the bank.