8 Fabulous Lookalikes For Gucci’s Best Designer Bags

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Gucci Alternatives

Gucci entered the fashion industry over a century ago and quickly trailblazed its way to the top, where the brand still sits today. Guccio Gucci was inspired to launch the brand after observing the stylish luggage wealthy guests toted through hotels, hence Gucci’s grip on the designer bag niche.

Celebrities from Cate Blanchett to Lady Gaga to Harry Styles have been spotted with the brand’s luxury leather goods on their arms, but the price tags will be less appealing to regular people. So, we’ve found 8 incredible Gucci alternatives for designer bags on a budget.

Emilie Kiser totes the Gucci Jackie 1961 bag

Gucci Alternatives

Gucci – $2,950 – Jackie 1961 Small Shoulder Bag

Gucci Look Alikes


PU Leather Shoulder Bag

CARZA makes a stunning Jackie dupe: their White Shoulder Bag Purse, priced at $26.99. It is made of smooth, durable PU leather, with high-quality stitching and an elegant metal clasp for a subtly stylish finish.

Jodie Turner-Smith wore the Gucci bamboo handle bag to the Gucci show

Gucci Alternatives

Gucci – $4,200 – Bamboo 1947 Mini Top Handle Bag

Gucci Look Alikes


Bamboo Handle Bag

Try the $34.99 Bamboo Women’s Handbag by TethysYouth to nail a unique style for less. It also features a unique bamboo handle and front embellishment, with a sleek, simple body and additional crossbody strap.

Zoe Saldana steps out with the Gucci Horsebit Shoulder Bag

Gucci Alternatives

Gucci – $2,980 – Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

Gucci Look Alikes


Leather Classic Clutch Shoulder Bag

For an almost identical look, try the DD DIAVEL Shoulder Tote Purse. It features a similar stitched canvas design, minus the Gucci logo stitching, with a crossbody strap, brown leather edges, and chic gold embellishments.

Rihanna goes all-out Gucci with the Lady Web Bag

Gucci Alternatives

Gucci – $2,240 – Lady Web Bag

Gucci Look Alikes


Small Crossbody Bags

This first alternative mimics the canvas and leather design with a colorful striped strap and plenty of internal space for your essentials.


Leather Crossbody Bags

This second affordable dupe by Generic has a slightly less similar design and a chic brown leather trim with a sleek, simple design and gold clasp decorations.

Julia Garner Wore the Gucci Shoulder Bag to the Gucci show

Gucci Alternatives

Gucci – $3,300 – Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag

Gucci Look Alikes


Snake Printed Leather Evening Clutch

You can achieve that godly look for less with the $32.99 JBB Trendy Crossbody Purse. It features a snake-print vegan leather design with a crossbody chain strap, magnetic closure, and elegant silver accessories.

Julia Garner go out with the Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag

Gucci Alternatives

Gucci – $3,350 – Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag

Gucci Look Alikes


Women’s Saddle Bag

HanHongOEJE makes their answer to the Horsebit Mini Bag: their Crossbody Saddle Bag, priced at $31.99. It is simple, innovative, and sleek, with a polished faux leather design, plain black crossbody strap, and gold horse-bit decorations

Gucci Ophidia GG Web Shoulder Bag

Gucci Alternatives

Gucci – $1,159 – Ophidia GG Web Shoulder Bag

Gucci Look Alikes


Small Crossbody Purses

For an almost identical lookalike, try the DD Diavel Crossbody Messenger Purse. The stitched canvas body is highly detailed, with a Gucci-inspired green, red, and black stripe and a unique double-head zipper closure.

Gucci’s glorious bags are the darlings of the fashion world, toted by many a famous celebrity. However, many people may be hesitant to make the splurge at the cost of thousands of dollars. The affordable Gucci alternatives discussed above are a great way to nab a fashionable bag without rinsing your bank account.

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