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Full name: Aubrey Drake Graham

Heights: 6ft (183 cm)

Net Worth: US $260 Million

Drake is a well-known name in the musical industry, and hip-hop lovers across the globe are his fans. Before we get to the money one needs to hire him, let me give you a brief introduction. The “Work” singer took the industry by storm the moment he stepped foot into it.

His full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, and he was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada. As a kid, he always had a passion for music, and he also possessed a talent for storytelling via his lyrics. He started his career as a star in the famous Degrassi: Next Generation. No one knew that someday he’d take over the world of hip-hop.

His music is a mix of rap and R&B. He made his musical debut in 2006 with his mixtape called “Room for Improvement.” As he kept releasing his mixtapes and albums, his fame kept skyrocketing. Now he is well-known for his smooth delivery and relatable music. His music stands out, and he has fandom among young and adults alike.

How Much Does He Charge For A Feature?

A feature is when an artist appears in another artist’s songs for a verse or two. Features usually occur when an old or a well-established artist appears in a relatively new artist’s song, which benefits both of them. The fandom of the old artist is introduced to a new artist, and the newer generation is introduced to the more senior artist. Sometimes record producers produce such features. For example, Kyla Reid and Wiz Kid featured in Drake’s song “One Dance.”

As of 2022, Drake charges a whopping $1M for a single feature. Is it too much for a 10-to-20-minute performance? YES! 

Do people still line up to hire him? ALSO, YES!

Drake feature charge
(Drake, Wizkid, and Kyla (Image source:

How Much Does Drake Charge For A Show?

We all love concerts, don’t we? If you tell a hip-hop fan that Drake is coming to his town, they’ll do everything in their power to buy the ticket, benefiting the organizers. But how much does Drake charge for such appearances?

The information available online may vary from page to page, or let’s just say it varies according to Drake’s wish. For example, in 2011, he was paid $250k to perform at a bar in New York City. After that, the prices fluctuated between $300k to 600K till 2014.

As his fame rose, so did his worth (pretty obvious). Now he can be booked for a Million dollars. One can contact him through the booking agency because they work directly with celebrities. All you must have is MONEY.

Drake feature charge
(image from

Drake on a show wearing a black and white jacket over an all-black attire.

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