Stylish Bucket Hat Outfits for Men to Elevate Your Fashion Game

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Bucket Hat Outfits Men

Out of all types of hats, bucket hats are the ones that you can do the most experiments with. Either print or plains, they can oomph your looks seamlessly. You can pull off any look from hipster to rockstar with bucket hats.

You couldn’t be farther from the truth if you think you can’t incorporate them into modern casual wear. Why? Let’s take a moment to appreciate how cool they look.

1. Carhartt×Marni Floral-Print Bucket Hat

Retailed at $169, this one is spring materialized. If your fashion statement is somewhat androgynous, and you like floral prints and patterns, this one is definitely for you.

You could style it with a plain brown or yellow shirt or wear a whole black outfit and break the monotone with this hat. Don’t forget to match your shoes with it.

Our boy Saucy Santana has styled it with an all-black outfit and chunky yellow shoes.

2. Palm Angels Black Classic Logo Bucket Hat

Here, Tyler Hero carries his palm spring hat, leather shirt, and printed trousers.

For $240 only, you can get this classy hat from Palm Angels. It has a logo on the front and is pretty much a basic one on its own but wait! How about putting on your basic white T-shirt and black jeans?

Another way to carry it would be with your black leather jacket. You could wear a T-shirt underneath it. It will look amazing with a leather jacket. Wear your hipster glasses and trust me, you will look like you’re coming straight out of a runway show.

I have had multiple chances to style this hat for my clients, and trust me, it works with many things, and it looks good every single time.

3. Givenchy Light Blue 4G-Denim Bucker Hat

For $490 only, you can get this denim bucker hat from Givenchy.

This comes in faded blue, so that it will go with matching jeans—a must. For the top, you can choose any T-shirt, sweatshirt, or tank top color. If you want your outfit to look expensive, go for a monochromatic look. You will appear effortlessly well put together.

If you want to go a bit funky and street, choose a pair of ripped jeans, but don’t forget to select the same color as the hat.

Here Lunay wore it with a tank top and printed trousers with a faded blue colored base. He completed his look with a flashy watch and a chain.

4. Nahmias Black Summerland Corduroy Bucket Hat

Here Juju wore it with a tan and ivory fit, and he looked so in style.

Retailed at $120, this one comes from Nahmias and is a beautiful accessory. From a college-going guy to a dad, everyone can rock this hat. It has an androgynous vibe to it. Both men and women can carry it. All you have to do is style it nicely.

5. Dior Pink Cotton Bucket Hat

Who said pink isn’t for boys? If you’re intimidated by pink, this hat will change your mind. Retailed at $650, this one comes from Dior.

You could wear it with a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. To take it to the next level, add a same-colored jacket over your shirt. It will go well with a hoodie or a Graphic Tee.

Moneybag Yo has styled it with a matching hoodie from Dior. Doesn’t he look like a million bucks?

6. Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat

Retailed at $695 only, I promise this one will become your go-to hat.

You could carry it with an all-black attire or something patterned or graphic with a hint of black. It will go super well with your jackets and vests. All you need to do is match your shoes and belt with the color of the hat. You can create countless variations with this one.

Kyle Kuzma has styled it with a black vest, a jacket, and chunky sneakers.

7. Prada Re-Nylon Bucket Hat

Feid has styled this green bucket hat with a cream-colored jersey and green shorts. I love that his slides match the statement color.

Retailed at $695 only, this one may look a little peculiar. “Why would I buy a green hat?” you may ask because green will go with more colors than you can imagine.

You could pair it with your Ivory and cream-colored Tee. You can wear it with a graphic T-shirt with a hint of green. You can style it with a grey jacket or a shirt. If you own a tan coat, you can wear it to break the monotone because green and tan go super well with each other.

8. Gucci Bucket Hat

Westbrook wears this Gucci bucket hat with his Gucci trousers and black boots.

Retailed at $500, this one blends grey and black, and its canvas is a classic Gucci monogram pattern. It is a piece of art, and here’s how you would want to integrate it into your look.

Pick your grey dress pants and a T-shirt, preferably black. It could be plain or mildly printed. Now put on the hat, a mix of grey and black. To oomph it up, wear a blazer that matches your bottoms, and if you want to make it more formal and put-together choose your black loafers to complete the outfit.

Another way to carry it will be your denim jacket and a basic outfit paired with it. You could choose sneakers with this one and go out on a date or hang out with your friends.

9. Louis Vuitton LV White Play Hat

Retailed at $1,150, these are a treat for my casual and comfort-loving Divas. The loafer isn’t simple but was made to oomph your casual and everyday outfits.

You can style it with a skirt or minidress of any fabric, and these will also go perfectly with your jeans. Just go for a legging or a capri-cut pair of jeans so you can wear your white or pop socks with them.

Here our girl Chiara Ferragni has gone all-black except for her white socks.

10. Dolce & Gabbana Logo-Plaque Bucket Hat

“But I want to look street,” he said.

“Say no more,” I replied.

This was an actual conversation I had with a client who was very troublesome for me. Whatever I chose for him, “This isn’t street enough,” he would say. Then I realized that I hadn’t tried Dolce’s hat on him.

Brother, if you want to look like a rapper and your dressing style is mainly inspired by hip-hop culture and streetwear, this one is for you.

This Dolce & Gabbana logo-plaque bucket hat comes retailed at $249 only. You can pair it with your chinos, jogger pants, six pockets, and other trousers. They will go well with jeans too, but if it’s not “street enough” for you, skip that. A basic white or black T-shirt would work super well with them. If you want, you can go monochromatic with your look and choose an army green colored shirt.

Don’t forget to add flashy chains, a watch, and a bracelet to complete your look. Black boots would work super well with the whole outfit.

Whatever the dress choice, you are a fashion king anyway. All you need to do is a little revamp and a few things to spice up your wardrobe; trust me, a hat will do precisely that.

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