Dior Bags Under $2000: Style In Budget

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Dior Bags Under $2000

No one plays with subtle colors better than Dior. The options below are going to be your go-to accessories because they will complement literally every type of clothing item you own. They provide you with utility, fashion, and class. I understand they are at the lower end of the price range, but they exude a million-dollar look.

These will be worth every penny, trust me. How do I know? Because, as a fellow fashion enthusiast, I own a few of these, which I hunted down by visiting various stores.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Overall Must-Have

Christian Dior Large Patent Lady Dior

Christian Dior Large Patent Lady Dior

Timeless Elegance

Versatile Carry

Functional Design


Dior Medium Diortravel Nomad Pouch

Dior Medium Diortravel Nomad Pouch

Premium Craftsmanship

Spacious Elegance

Versatile Style

Fashion Trendsetting

Dior Caro Heart Pouch With Chain

Dior Caro Heart Pouch With Chain

Enchanting Design

Fashion Forward

Versatile Elegance

1. Dior Long Saddle Wallet With Chain

Retailed at just $1700, this bag is crafted from oblique jacquard, boasting a classic streamlined design with a modern touch. Its asymmetrical flap features gold hardware, and the buttons fasten just above Dior’s signature “D” monogram in gold. The gold chain is removable, allowing the bag to be carried by hand, as a shoulder bag, or even as a cross-body bag. The material is of high quality, and the fabric offers a tactile experience.

I once purchased this for my sister, and it didn’t disappoint either of us. Therefore, I highly recommend it.

2. Dior Miss Caro Micro Bag

If you’re seeking a timeless classic, this option is undoubtedly tailored to your taste. With a retail price of just $1490, this bag effortlessly merges elegance and sophistication. Featuring intricate macrocannage stitching, it’s meticulously crafted from supple black lambskin, boasting a lustrous leather finish and adorned with opulent gold hardware.

The front is adorned with a tasteful “CD” monogram, and it accompanies a gold chain embellished with alternating black links. In a matter of seconds, it can elevate your everyday ensemble to an exquisite night-out look. However, do bear in mind that this piece requires meticulous care. Due to the propensity of black leather to stain swiftly, avoid exposing it to rain and exercise caution to prevent accidental gravy spills.

3. Dior Caro Heart Pouch With Chain

Priced at just $1750, this pouch, crafted from calf skin leather, stands as one of the most endearing heart-shaped additions within Dior’s collection. Boasting a zip-top closure, it offers ample space to accommodate your essentials. Enhanced by gold hardware and an elegant chain, this pouch is truly captivating.

Its front proudly displays the CD logo, and the chain is detachable, affording you the versatility to carry it as a clutch. This accessory is tailored to complement your chic, trendy, and edgy ensembles.

I once had the opportunity to carry this pouch in a Dior store. Paired with my white t-shirt and denim skirt, it radiated playfulness, vibrancy, and charm.

4. Dior Medium Diortravel Nomad Pouch

Retailing at only $1450, it boasts a chic hybrid design crafted from blue technical fabric. Its spacious shape allows it to stand out, as it provides more than enough space to carry your essentials and more.

There is also a pink variation available, equally stunning. The bag features a zip closure at the top and an army-inspired gold buckle. It can be carried both as a clutch or a shoulder bag. The Christian Dior signature is printed on the front, emanating a funky yet classy vibe.

Compared to other Dior bags, this one is distinguished by its different fabric. Judging by its appearance, the fabric seems soft, but it is not as susceptible to damage as leather bags usually are. Hence, this would be an excellent choice, especially if you tend to be a bit clumsy like I am.

5. Dior 30 Montaigne Phone Holder

Retailing at only $1300, this item is made of jacquard and features gold hardware. The two-way zip closure is located at the top, and while it was originally branded as a phone holder, it offers enough space to carry your other essentials as well.

It comes with three card holders and a chain strap, allowing you the option to carry it as a shoulder bag. With its sophisticated appeal, it complements every outfit in your wardrobe. Its affordability makes it too attractive, doesn’t it?

6. Lady Dior Phone Pouch

Retailed at $1800 only, this one is an absolutely unique piece of work. Its material is lambskin, and it comes in three variations to choose from. Its front is embellished with DIOR icon in gold, and its chain is in a pale gold color with resin pearls embedded in it. The chain is detachable, allowing you to carry it over your shoulder or use it as a clutch. The bag is equipped with a flap closure.

It will go best with short dresses, but you can also carry it with casual and semi-formal clothes.

7. Dior Lady Dior Milly Mini Bag

Retailed at $1650 only, this is one of Dior’s finest. It is made of lambskin leather with lining details. Its gold hardware makes it hard to resist. For the most alluring look, consider carrying it as a crossbody with your flowing garments.

And what about your sweaters and T-shirts, you might wonder? Rest assured, it pairs exceptionally well with them too.

8. Christian Dior Large Patent Lady Dior

We all say a big yes to shiny leather, don’t we? Well, this amazing bag is made of blue patent leather. Retailed at $1945 only, this is spacious enough to carry your essentials, your makeup, and even more. The lining details give it a beautiful finish. It has a zip closure, and you can carry it as a handbag with top handles. It also comes with a long leather belt making it portable as a crossbody bag as well.

If you’re looking for a bag that would go well with your bodycon dresses and jeans and Tees just as well, this is the best option.

9. Christian Dior Oblique Mini Book Tote Blue Multicolor

Retailing at $1800, this one is one of the most amazing tote bags from Dior’s 2020 collection. It is crafted with an oblique blue and beige canvas which has the Christian Dior symbol embroidered on it. It has an open top and is spacious enough to carry a lot of your stuff.

Planning a trip real soon? Dior has got you covered.

10. Christian Dior Calfskin Micro Dior Vibe Zip Bowling Bag

Retailing at only $1890, this piece exudes a vintage vibe. Crafted from black and white leather, the bottom is also white. Its design is spacious, reminiscent of camera bags, and features a zip closure at the top. The bag includes a pocket and showcases the Christian Dior monogram on the front.

Furthermore, it offers the versatility of being carried both as a handbag and a crossbody bag, thanks to its white belt.

Trust me, Dior won’t disappoint you. I’m here to assure you that these will not fail you and your wardrobe. These are by far the best options for the under $2000 category. Be quick to grab your card and buy. The options aren’t limited, but your time on the planet is, isn’t it?

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